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Before marrying Peyton I had traveled to different states in the USA but I never traveled internationally (besides Canada and Mexico) before. After we started dating I went to visit him in Hong Kong and we have been adventurous buddies ever since!

What countries have you been to in the world? 
I recently visited my 29th country in May 2017. Our next trip is Thanksgiving 2017 in Jamaica!
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Sri Lanka
French Polynesia
North Korea
South Africa
Costa Rica

Do you have a favorite location? 
This is a difficult question, but I would have to say Palau. It is near Micronesia and Guam. We went there when we were living in Shanghai. It has crystal clear blue waters and thousands of islands. It was one of the most beautiful destinations I have been. We were fortunate enough to take a small plane tour of the islands to see them up above. It is one of my favorite memories from that trip. Heres some pictures.

Also in Palau we were able to swim in a lake with millions of jellyfish. Peyton had read about this in a travel book and we knew we had to do it. They don't have stingers! Even little Samantha swam with them, although she had no idea what was happening below the surface of the water :)

Where are you dying to go? 
I have never been to Europe and I am excited to one day explore all of that region. When living in China we were fortunate to visit a lot of Asia and I fell in love with the culture in Bali, the people in Thailand, and the sights and history in Cambodia. I love seeing all the different aspects, religion and diversity this world has.

Do you use a travel agent? 
Yes, my dear sweet Husband! Peyton spends hours on the computer looking at itineraries, destinations and routes. He does all of our detailed planning and asks me preferences along the way. He loves looking through books or discussing possible trips or adventures. We generally find that a good trip lasts about 2 weeks, but we almost always try to include a few destinations. For instance, we went to Africa for 2 weeks last year where we toured Ethiopia, Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Zambia. Yes, this means lots of plane trips, but so worth it. Especially if you are all the way over there.

How can you afford to travel so much? 
We are true believers in the power of airline miles! Peyton collects some for the travel he does for work, but we also have credit cards (paid off each month) that earn us points for every dollar we spend. Some of our favorite credit cards are the Chase Sapphire, Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier and the United MileagePlus Explorer cards. If you are interested in obtaining miles for daily spending check out these great websites that explain the process. The Points GuyOne Mile at a Time. I would also point out that we obtain points through hotel loyalty programs with IHG, Marriott and Starwood. We also like to travel on the cheap side when we can, so our trips often don't involve us staying at luxurious hotels or resorts. We prefer to use that money towards more destinations!

Where is the craziest place you have been? 
Hands down the most shocking place we have been to is North Korea. When we lived in Shanghai we took a 24 hour tour of the DPRK through an travel agency. It was mind boggling and I am glad that we were able to go before things started really getting crazy there. (We visited in October 2015). Would I visit there today? No, thank you. You can read more about that crazy adventure in our blog post HERE.

Do you have a bucket list? 
We have an unofficial one in our heads of places we would love to go, but we really should write them down! The other day we were just talking about the next destinations we would love to see and we wound it down to Switzerland, Machu Picchu, Egypt, Iguazu Falls, Cuba and Istanbul.

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