Its official! Shanghai, here we come!!

We are moving to Shanghai in the end of October 2013. We will be there for about 2 years. 

Peyton lived in Hong Kong for a year during our dating/engagement and I always knew we could be relocated somewhere in the future. I don't think I truly knew what that meant until the exact opportunity came knocking at our door. 
I was always somewhat hoping we would go somewhere romantic like Paris, but then it started to look like Shanghai would be THE place. I would be eating dumplings instead of baguettes and cheese, and riding subways instead of bicycles but those are minor differences, right? 

The first thing I did was check out books from the library on China/Shanghai. Everything I could think of! One day I even brought home a 500 page China Encyclopedia, determined to learn all I could of the culture. My sweet husband was so patient and encouraging. His response was usually something like, "That's great hon! Read it all, and then pass along to me the important parts." Since then, I have bought about 10 books ranging from travel, living to enjoying China and Shanghai. In addition to books that deal with relocating internationally, and how to deal with my new roll as "traveling spouse." 

Peyton's work suggested we come in October and we recently just went on our "look-see" trip to visit and explore Shanghai. I will be honest, after our tour guide dropped us off at our hotel on day one I cried. Although I have been to different places its very different visiting a new country when you know you are going to someday call that home in the very near future. I kept my eyes peeled and wide open in hopes to see a Target or a Costco. Sadly, I didn't see either. BUT I did see a Forever 21, and a Apple Store, and that's a start! 

5 years ago if you would have said to me that I would be living in China I would have had you tested for hallucinogens, but alas we grow up and things are sometimes different than what we originally expected. Although this move will test and stretch me in so many different ways I am excited for the experience to live internationally. It will be good to experience this new culture and place with Peyton and I am excited to see how we change and grow from it! 

One thing I know for sure...Shanghai is NOT ready for us. 

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