Ni hao, baby!

Yes. It is true. The Buhlers are pregnant. least one of us. Even though Peyton is really good at sympathy snacking. We found out I was knocked up right before I left to go to Georgia for 2 weeks to spend time with my Nephews and my Sister. It was such exciting news...and then I got sick. Really sick. I had "morning sickness" all day long. I lived on saltines and ginger ale. The weird thing about pregnancy nausea is that if you DONT are 100% more sick. But...the last thing you want to do when you are eat. It was such a weird concept to me. If I was dry heaving, I knew it was because my stomach was empty. I was literally forcing myself to eat while trying to hold back the urge to throw up. Week 7 and 8 were terrible. Peyton was out of town on business for those weeks and I was almost a little bit glad because I was such a hot mess. My Doctor put me on some medicine to help curb the nausea and that was a lifesaver. I don't think I could have survived the first trimester without it. 

We went to the doctor to see our little peanut for the first time when I was 7 weeks along. Words cannot describe this moment. I was so elated and full of joy. Also, it was so surreal to see that YES, there actually IS a baby in there. I think I was kinda thinking that maybe all the pregnancy tests were just giving me false hope. This appointment we were able to see a flicker on the screen which was our babies heart beating. I remember thinking "Holy crap. My baby has a heart. My blueberry is breathing." 

7 week Buhler baby. The size of a blueberry!

At about week 9 I was starting to feel better and get a little energy back into my system. If I wasn't throwing up or having a headache I was crying in the dairy section at the grocery store. Pregnancy hormones are NO JOKE. I would be crying and then asking myself, "what am I crying about? Are these happy tears? Are these sad tears?" I think I came to the conclusion that they were crazy tears! My poor Husband didn't know whether to hug me or high five me. 

On week 11 we went on our last trip to Shanghai before we move there to pick out housing. The trip was a great success and it got me excited to move there. I wasn't very sick and I got enough rest. We picked out our house and we set our relocation date to November 3rd! Here is the view from our balcony. 

I think it is pretty cool (and a tad overwhelming) that we will be having our first child in Shanghai. A lot of people ask if our baby will have dual citizenship. The answer is no. Because Peyton and I are both USA passport holders, our child will be a US citizen. BUT our babies passport and birth certificate will say "born in Shanghai"; which I think is pretty neat!

On this trip we were also able to visit some hospital options on where I would have the baby. In Shanghai there are International hospitals that cater to the westerners and expats that are living in China. They do everything we would do here in the states. Anesthesia, C-sections, epidurals, circumcision...etc. We checked out some pretty nice hospitals, so that put me at ease. Here is one option of a place to have the baby. It is called "Redleaf," and it is brand new. It reminded me of a castle. It looked  more like a 5 star resort. 

I think the words out of my mouth were "So, where do I sign up?" It is a little more expensive so we'll have to see. The other hospitals looked just like hospitals in the United States. 

When we came back from our trip we were able to go see our peanut once again on the big screen. Everything looks healthy and great! Our little babe is the size of a lime and we are in our 14th week. I am feeling so much better these days. Thank goodness! We are very excited for this next chapter in our lives and it will definitely be an adventure to have the baby in China. Maybe it'll be able to speak mandarin when it arrives! 

Here is our little lime baby taken at 13 weeks. Baby was waving to Mom and Dad and moving all over the place! 


  1. So exciting, Cat!!!!!!!! Word of advice, pay the extra $$$ and go to the nice place! My hospital experience was awful during childbirth. It was so bad, my husband told me we can't have any more kids until we figure out a different birthing option lol

  2. BABY!!! I love that little one SO much. I love you. You are going to rock this Shanghai B. And I think Christine is right! Go for the 5 star birthing.

  3. Wow! You guys are full of great news!!! What a lucky baby.
    Lisa M