Pit Spot #3- Singapore

We really only had a long layover in Singapore. We were on our way to India and our layover was for about 8 hours so we decided to send our luggage straight through and get out of the airport to explore a little bit before our next flight. Unfortunately, our flight to get to Singapore left at 1am and got there around 5am and neither of us slept much on the plane. We walked off the plane like zombies. I was so grumpy that whole day. Pregnant people and no sleep just aren't a good mix. My Husband will vouch for that. 

 Peyton had been to Singapore before so he knew the layout of the city pretty well, which was helpful. Singapore was very clean and beautiful! It was a very cloudy day and rained a few minutes while we were out. We decided that we wanted to go and see the hotel called, "The Marina Bay Sands". Its iconic because of its structure, but it is also considered to be the most expensive stand alone casino property. It is so tall, so we decided to go to the top and get a birds eye view of the city. Peyton has a fear of heights and looking down from the top made his knees weak at first. I kept telling him to look out far and not look directly down. Of course thats easier said than done with this view! 

This is the pool at the top of the hotel that we didn't have access to. Bummer. 

Can you tell how tired we are? 

The view from the bottom.

Next we wanted to go check out the "Gardens by the Bay" which was conveniently located next to Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is a large indoor/outdoor arboretum with all kinds of rare plants. It was a little funny because they had a "California" plant section. Just your typical daisies and garden flowers! This place was decorated for Christmas, also. We saw lots of poinsettias. 


Our absolute favorite part of Singapore was this creative creature. She decided that she was going to put her doll places in the atrium and take pictures of her. She continued to comb and fix her hair and then put her in different poses. We could not stop laughing. Other people were intrigued, as well. She never caught on that she had an audience. I am almost grateful for that. I hope she got that winning shot! Alien Barbie has never looked better and more exotic. I also believe my Husband has never been more happy to own a telephoto lens in order to get these shots of her. 

 Peyton has really been missing his Krispy Kreme since moving to China. One of our friends gave us false hope that there was one in Shanghai, but we learned it had recently been closed down. Peyton googled and discovered there was one in Singapore and added it to our layover. He was so excited to see his Krispy Kreme. They had interesting flavors, like pumpkin, cookie dough, and cookies and cream, we decided to get half a dozen, but my honey still stuck to his original glaze. He was so happy after this and probably devoured two doughnuts in about two minutes. I should have timed him. By the way, guilty pleasures are quite expensive. Half a dozen of those doughnuts were about $18 US. That smile is worth every penny! 

 All in all, Singapore was a fun destination to have a long layover. Next time i'd like to stay a little longer and go to Universal Studios and swim in that pool at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. Maybe next time the weather will be happier also.

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