Thank Heaven for little girls!

I was 15 weeks pregnant when we left the United States to move to China. A few days before we got on the plane we went to the doctor hoping we would be able to learn the gender of our baby. The Doctor looked on the ultrasound, and informed us that it was too early to tell. Big bummer, but we figured that we would find out shortly after arriving in China. 


 When we got here we toured a hospital and chose a Doctor. The Doctor and hospital we chose are designated for expatriates and foreigners. Our Doctor is the chairman of OBGYN of the hospital that we will be using. She speaks good English and is extremely knowledgeable. I have been very impressed with her thus far.


 On our first visit we met with another Doctor of the hospital and he informed us that in China they are not allowed to do ultrasounds to determine and announce the gender of the baby. (Local Chinese still instill the "one child per family law." Because boys are highly favored over girls, they do not allow local Chinese to find out the gender in fear of abortion.) When he told us this I was so sad thinking that we would not be able to find out the gender. He said he would pull some strings, since we were in a western hospital. Phew! By that time I was about 20 weeks pregnant and dying to know if we were having a boy or a girl. The Doctor tried looking for an indication of gender at this appointment for 20 minutes, and did not have any luck. He said the babies legs were crossed. I kept tapping my belly hoping that would help, but our little peanut was being stubborn. We would have to make another appointment.

At that time Peyton and I discussed if we should find out the gender or just wait. By that time I was halfway through my pregnancy, and I was wondering if maybe it was a sign that we should just keep it a surprise for us. We only discussed that option for about 10 minutes and then decided that NO we were dying to find out. We made an appointment in 2 weeks to try again.

For about a month I was having the strongest impression that we were having a girl. Whenever I thought of my baby and the experiences we would have with this child, they were always filled with pink and bows. I have never felt something with such knowledge before. There was about 5% of me that was questioning myself, however.


That next appointment I was 22 weeks pregnant and I was so anxious to find out if I should buy pink or blue. That morning I drank a ton of juice. I heard this helps the baby move around. When we went into the ultrasound room, the Doctor informed us that the baby wasn't really moving and its legs were crossed again. At this point I was so frustrated since this was our 3rd appointment in trying to find out the gender. The Doctor told me to go downstairs and order something sweet from the cafeteria and come back in 20 minutes. I ordered a soda and a muffin and some cookies. I also made Peyton get down to my belly and give this kid a good pep talk. I remember telling my baby mentally, "I think it is great that you are so modest. That will be really great when you are older, but Mama needs you to spread your legs right now." 

We entered the room for our 4th attempt and the Doctor announced proudly and surely, "baby is moving lots. It is a GIRL! Sank you baby! Sank you for moving." (Chinese accent) 

I was so overcome with happiness, and I couldn't help but get extremely giddy that I would be having a little girl that I could dress up and have tea parties with. I don't think I realized how strong my desire to have a girl was until I was told that I was having one. We immediately told all our Family and everyone was very excited and happy. The next day we wanted to do the whole "gender announcement" via facebook so we had a friend take some pictures for us to post.

25 WEEKS (This growing belly business is no joke). 

We are so excited to welcome a little girl into our home. I know that we will be so blessed by her sweet spirit. I am now 26 weeks along and feeling baby girl kick constantly! She loves to do gymnastics when I wake up or when I lay down after a long day. Peyton loves to feel the movement and I love when he talks to my belly. Being pregnant and knowing that you have an individual growing in your belly is such a surreal feeling. This kid has its own personality, characteristics, blood type, and look. I can't wait to meet her and give her lots of kisses. Mama is very happy. Sank you baby!

This is the newest picture of our little princess. That's her leg by her face! She's a flexible little gal. I think I will enroll her in gymnastics when she makes her appearance. 

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