Ma and Pa come to Shanghai

My parents came to Shanghai! It was such a joyous reunion and one that I have been looking forward to since we left. Their plane landed early and we were not yet at the airport when my Dad called us. Peyton and I were running through the airport with Samantha trying to find them. When we finally saw them I broke down and started to bawl. I threw Samantha into my Moms arms and just cried my little eyes out. I am pretty sure everyone at the airport was staring at us with curiosity and worry. I tend to have an ugly, worried cry. I assure you these were very happy tears. 

(I love this picture besides the fact that all I see is my large monster hand) I also don't know if Samantha is breathing in this picture. It was such a tight squeeze! 

This was the longest I had ever been away from my parents. After 9 long months they were finally able to meet their little granddaughter and it was such a happy time for all. 

The first day in Shanghai we discovered that there was a whole street dedicated to musical instruments. Of course half of them are knock offs, but my Dad loved spending the whole day looking around. 

If you know anything about international travel you know what jet lag feels like. My Dad was convinced he would not be affected. I believe this picture was 15 minutes after assuring us that he did not feel all. You cannot escape jet lag. Rookie. 

We were able to bless Samantha at church while my parents were here and it was so special. My Mom brought the dress that both Colleen and I wore when we were blessed. I have looked at the dress hanging in my closet for years and I loved seeing my little girl finally in it. Peyton gave a tender blessing and we were so grateful we were able to do it in China. 

Three generations of Card girls.

Our daily adventures included taxis, shopping, touristy destinations, pool days, babysitting and sightseeing. 

Did I mention my Husband and my Dad share a birthday? It is pretty amazing. Our friend offered to watch Samantha one night for us so we could go celebrate. We went to a fancy restaurant with a great view. It was the best meal I have had in Shanghai and probably one of the best meals I have ever had in my life. 

It was so unbearably hot and humid every day but, we had some of the best air quality days we have had since I have lived here. The sky was blue! Even though we were dripping with sweat, we were happy. 

We also were able to go to Xian to see the Terra Cotta Army and to Beijing to see the Great Wall and Forbidden City. (Seperate blog post to follow shortly). When Peyton asked me what I was most looking forward to when my parents came to visit I replied, "I just want to sit on the couch and have my Mom hold me." I realize I am 25 years old, but the need to be held and taken care of by your Mother never leaves you! I am so grateful that they were able to come visit us in China. I loved having them here and showing them my city. I loved showing them by Daughter even more. I can't wait to have another reunion at Christmas time. 4 month countdown begins now! 

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