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Since I have written last, a lot has happened to our little family. First and foremost- Im pregnant. Quite pregnant, actually. 32 weeks, 1 day, 20 minutes pregnant, to be exact. But, who's counting? We are expecting a little boy in September, and couldn't be more thrilled. Samantha (3 years) has been very curious and engaged in the pregnancy. She never misses an opportunity to help and hold my hand while we go down stairs to make sure I don't fall, and she reminds me on the daily how big I am getting. She even told some strangers at the pool the other day that she had a baby in her belly that was kicking quite a lot. Boy, will she be surprised in a few months.

Secondly, we moved to Florida. Peytons new project for Walt Disney World is Guardians of the Galaxy themed and the move to be closer to work was fairly obvious. We had been back from China for about a year when we moved and I had moments of self sympathy at having to pack up all the boxes I had just finished unpacking from the previous move. The good news is that moving in your third trimester hasn't been as horrible as I thought it would be. (Don't tell my husband). We purged unnecessary and unused items that were fresh in our vision and this whole nesting thing has amplified my need and desire to organize our new home.

Other positives include living close to the park, which means Peyton has only about a 20 minute commute as opposed to the hour he was doing in Glendale, and the obvious perks of being able to head over to Disney World if I had the undeniable urge for a stuffed pretzel. Not saying this has ever happened, but hypothetically...

It is interesting to see the things that Samantha has noticed about our new home, and the assessments she has made with Florida. Such as, "This place has lots of bugs, lakes and heat." I'm with ya, homegirl. I'm sweating bullets over here. Our new ward is super friendly and promises lots of potential friends and connections, for which I am continually grateful and happy about.

Apparently my phone is hot in Florida, too. 

I will be honest, after moving to Shanghai I thought this move was going to be a walk in the park. After having to rely on public transportation, a language barrier, and the obvious city life, how hard could moving across the country be? I was surprised with how difficult moving-- anywhere-- in general is. The logistics were never-ending. Packing, sorting, organizing and purging the never-ending piles of sentimental items (a.ka. crap), Setting up housing utilities, getting a new phone plan, making sure our shipment arrived, finding the closest Tj Maxx and Home Goods. These were vulnerable and sensitive times. But after a month of living here I am enjoying the scenery (lots of green open space) the friendly hospitality of people, all the lakes, and lets be honest, legit southern BBQ.

We'll be here for about 3.5 years, give or take, and between our daily pool visits and alligator sightings, I think we'll enjoy this place. Just don't ask me about all the toll roads, those suckers really add up!

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