Week Uno

Our first week in Shanghai was very productive. We stayed a couple nights in a service apartment and then we got to move into our permanent housing.
We had picked out some basic big pieces of furniture that had already been delivered when we got here. Along with our bed, tables and chairs, we had a couch, a dresser and a desk. We evaluated our house and went back to the furniture warehouse to add some more pieces to be delivered later in the week. The furniture budget we get is very generous and I could spend all day looking at this warehouse of furniture and decorations. The first time we visited it we were a little overwhelmed with the thought of furnishing our whole house all at once, but some other people said they had to go back numerous times to do it all.

Heres a few snippets of our selections 
 Baby Buhler has a bed!!! 

Our front room is my favorite place. I am still adding accessories, it needs some color!

On Peytons day off we went to explore a grocery store. We found ourselves at a place called "Metro." Its hard to describe this place. I guess its like a chinese Costco. A lot of locals shop there. Its a little difficult to do shopping in Shanghai. Everything is written in Chinese so half of the time we are guessing what we are buying. Pictures are very helpful to us expats! We got our membership cards and bought a few necessities. I was excited to see that they had Christmas decorations. They don't celebrate Christmas here, but I really think they enjoy Santa...even if he is playing the saxophone. 

Crabs are apparently in season, and these babies are wrapped and fresh! So fresh that...they were actually alive. Their little talons were moving.

Heres my cute honey getting ready to trek back our loot to our apartment. We don't have a driver or a car so we rely on public transportation. Usually this means taxis and subways. I am getting very good at buying things in very small amounts and carrying reusable bags with me at all times. The thought of walking into a target and coming out with a full cart would be baffling to these people. I am actually getting quite excited to use my baby stroller knowing that there is a basket on the bottom!

 Here is where we live. We are in a large compound of buildings in Lujiazui, Shanghai. I love our home and the surrounding area. Its a huge compound that includes a gym, outdoor pool, gardens, bbq's, multiple play structures, a kindergarten, restaurant, a clubhouse, laundromat, small convenience store, and even ATMS! There are days when I don't even have to leave the gates of our complex. At night the local people do Tai Chi dancing with music and it is one of my favorite things to watch. 

On most nights Peyton and I take walks at night when he gets home from work. The best way to explore the city is on foot! We love living right by the tall buildings. This place has a great skyline and we are so lucky to live right in the heart of all the action. These were taken on one of our walks. It is crazy to think that we are within walking distance. We are enjoying it now, because its supposed to start getting very cold here pretty soon. 

Since we don't have a car I am doing lots of walking. I actually enjoy it more than I thought I would. Its been great for all those extra "pregnancy craving calories." Although, the first day I was not a fan. I got lost and ended up walking about 1 1/2 extra miles just to find my way back to our house. Peyton downloaded some shanghai map apps for me on my phone and those have been super helpful. The subway system takes a little time to get used to but I am becoming more familiar with it and the different lines and stations. You definitely want to avoid the subway during rush hour though. Its great for people watching but can be frustrating when you are constantly trampled over to get a bench seat. I am not too excited about riding the subway with a newborn. 

The biggest event that happened to me this week was our dishwasher overflowing. Since all the bottles are in Chinese we mistook the shiny plates on the bottle and thought it was dishwasher detergent instead of hand washing detergent. Needless to was bubble city. The dishwasher man was very amused by this. I couldn't understand his Chinese but I can understand the giggles. 

Shanghai-1 Catherine-0


  1. SO COOOL!!! I love reading all of this!! More…Moooooore!! :) xoxoxoxo

  2. Great report! I love hearing how you are doing. I hear your voice in your words. Glad you could give the repair man a good story to tell his family.

  3. These posts are AMAZING Cat! What an amazing once and a lifetime adventure! I can't wait to read all of them!

  4. Love! I can't wait to come visit - though I'm unsure if we'll get a chance to go before you guys head back to the States. You should get google translate on your phone and a computer - because you can play it so they can actually just hear what you are trying to say if you are still struggling to ask questions and stuff. Your Chinese is going to get soooo good while you're there! I'm so excited for you guys. Keep up the posts!!!

  5. Amazing. Wonderful to read and see your photos. So different from when I was there in the '80's and there were no skyscrapers, a million bicycles, no taxis. It's wonderful to share in your adventure! Be well!

  6. You guys are awesome! I love that you are going through this adventure together (sans the language skills). Such great stories you will have to tell. (this is Sarah by the way, not Corey.)