Shanghai Zoo adventure

We have been pretty proactive about getting out and doing touristy things around Shanghai every Saturday on Peytons day off. This past Saturday we took the subway to the Shanghai Zoo about 40 minutes from our house. Saturdays are always pretty busy around here, and a lot of people have the same ideas about going places. The zoo was a lot different than the ones in the states. First of all, the people usually build attractions and then do little fixing up to them unless they are pretty bad. The zoo had been quite run down and was a little dirty. With an entrance ticket of 40 RMB (about $7 U.S.) you can't really complain. 

One other very large difference to here and the states is that the people don't read the signs of not feeding the animals. In fact, they BRING food to feed to them. It shocked me at first, but there were no employees out there instilling the rules so the people just kept doing it. For the most part they were throwing in fruits and nuts which is ok, but we also witnessed people throwing trash into the cages and someone giving the monkey a lollypop, which was a little depressing.

We were actually a little impressed at the amount of animals that there was in the zoo. For $7 its a pretty good attraction and I am glad we crossed it off our Shanghai bucket list. They have another park which is called the "Shanghai animal park" which we hope to go to. We heard its a little better and you can pay a little extra money to hold baby tigers! Stay tuned.

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