Yuyuan Garden

Ive been wanting to go here for awhile so we braved the large Saturday crowd and decided to go. This is a garden that has been around since the 1800's. Originally it served as place where they did tea ceremonies and had original tea houses. Now its a prime tourist spot with lots of shops and stalls. Its a great place to buy souvenirs and sightsee. Because of this, people follow you around and ask if you want to see their collection of knock off "purse" "bag" "watch". I haven't gotten any knock offs yet, but I need to find some purses and shoes. I am always curious to see what they have in stock. Its not too far from our apartment and it took about 30 minutes on the subway. There was a million people at this place, and it was pretty claustrophobic. When we got there we decided to pay the extra money and go into the garden area that is known for some tea houses and some special rock formations. It was nice and it kind of reminded me of an arboretum. There is some good shopping to do there and I hope to go back to get some bargain Christmas decorations. Who would have thought I would be buying Christmas decor in China? 

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