Catherines bargaining Tips

I am getting pretty good at my bargaining. (which is what is custom here for a lot of shopping). Here are some tips--- 

  • Act at first like you don't really LIKE the item that much. Maybe even point out things that are wrong with the thing if you are with someone. 
  • After they pull out the calculator that you will use to bargain with they will usually have you make the first offer. This is when you want to low-ball it. I used to not be good at this in fear of offending them, but if you start lower than you are actually willing to can always go up a little and not feel guilty. Before typing in your first number ask yourself, "how much am I willing to spend on this?" and then offer below it. 
  • After you make the offer they usually scoff like "how dare you!" At this point they will say "no no, lower, make me another offer." At this point I usually just type in the same number that I started with and if they REALLY aren't budging I might add a few dollars in there. 
  • Make sure you have the EXACT change so its not awkward when you talked him down from $300 to $50 and then pull out a $100 and want him to give you change. 
  • If they aren't budging, and you think you are being ripped off, call their bluff make your final offer and walk away. This is usually the best thing you can do because they almost always chase you down screaming, "okay! Okay! I do it!" Boom. You did it. You bargained. 
I used to be terrible at bargaining and I had to watch people do it a few times before I got comfortable practicing it. Now I almost get a rush out of it. I think I may be getting too comfortable with it. The other day I walked into a restaurant and almost asked the waiter to make me an offer. I hope I don't get killed out here.