Dongtai Lu Antique Market

My friend Kirsten and I are trying to do one Shanghai adventure day every week where we find something we want to check out and then go and make it happen. Today Kirsten wanted to get some Christmas presents for people back home and we thought Dongtai Lu outdoor antique market was the perfect place. From my house it took about 25 minutes on the subway.

 It was the coldest day in Shanghai for me so far. (45 degrees) I wore a long sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and peacoat and I am so glad I layered up. I have been so spoiled with the So Cal warmth that I am not prepared for a winter. The other day while out grabbing some fruit I threw on my flip flops and I think the lady thought I was bananas. I may need to buy some more jackets while we are here.

This place was so fun and had such a great original Shanghai feel. The other markets I have been to were selling knock offs and new electronics, so it was nice to see things that claim to be "antique." Of course, you never can be too sure of what really is an antique or not.

They had a lot of dragon statues, terra cotta warriors, mahjongg sets, calligraphy paintings, clocks, vases, Jewelry, furniture, and so many knick knacks. They also had lots of Chairman Mao memorabilia. My favorite was a watch that was him literally waving to you as the time ticked. I could almost hear him saying, "China conquers all."

This one man had stacks and stacks and walls full of old vintage trunks. I have never seen anything like it. I wanted to ask him where he was going! It would be really cool to decorate with some of these.

One thing that is very normal to see in China is old men playing Mahjongg in the streets. Especially at lunch time, they always take a break from whatever they are doing to play. They even carry to work little bags of tiles. I love it.

I loved this place and I will definitely be back. I am trying to get in most of my sightseeing now before the baby comes. Wish me luck! 

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