Custom clothes- A Shanghai must

We are very fortunate to live in a place where getting custom clothes made is very common and inexpensive. We wanted to get Peyton some church shirts made, so we went to check out a fabric market that we had heard about that has stall after stall of custom tailors and seamstress's. It took about 25 minutes on the subway from our home. It was a really fun experience to walk in and see mannequins filled with mens suits and women's coats. The ideas and possibilities are endless! Each stall has a particular person who sews and they have pallets of fabric and samples, ideas and books of ideas and pictures to choose from. Since there are so many stalls, we got some references and recommendations of some of the ones that people we know have gone to and trusted. You can also bring in a picture or a sample of your "favorite" clothing and they can remake it for you. Pretty crazy. 

Peyton picked out the fabric and style that he wanted and there are always custom details you can add on. He only got one made because he wanted to see if he liked the fit and style of the person that we were using before getting more than one made. We bargained with the person and then they wrote down his order and measured him. The longest part of the process is just picking out a style and make that he wanted. There are so many options. We both decided that next time we would go with pictures and a definite idea of what we wanted beforehand. We got one church shirt custom made and paid about $20 US for it. They will deliver it to our home. We'll see how it turns out! Peyton hopes to get some church suits made in the future and I definitely want a peacoat made. 

 We really liked this one little stall. Clearly this is where the Relief Society General Board gets all their stuff made...

Outside the market it was like a street fair of jewelry and scarves. I kept thinking how much my Sister would have loved this whole experience. I even saw a cheetah print coat she most definitely would have had replicated.