Pizza > Duck

Our date nights have consisted of a few different things since being in Shanghai. First of all, they usually consist of us trying new restaurants that feature foods that we recognize and crave from home. We recently discovered a Papa Johns close to our house, and that has brought some very happy times for us. There is also a Pizza Hut, but it isn't as good as in the States. Also, they both have different things on the menu. Anything from fish, chicken, and pasta dishes. They are both sit down restaurants. I think we may have been the only people who actually order the pizza. 

It is a little funny to plan our dates because about a week before we say, "Do you wanna get some Papa Johns on Friday for our date?" That whole day we keep talking about how excited we are for a meat lovers pizza.  It is a little pathetic. You really don't know what you crave until you are only given chicken feet, fish head soup, and eel stew options. For the record, we still have not tried attempted those delicacies yet. 

Last week we found out that PEYTON PASSED HIS PROFESSIONAL ENGINEERING EXAM!  (It is a test that is like the bar test for engineers). He took it right before we left and it was very stressful and difficult. He studied hard, and many nights he stayed up late reading and working on problems that looked similar to a foreign language. Eventually I stopped bothering him during his studying when he wanted to explain the anatomy and scientific function of our refrigerator to me. I love being married to a mechanical engineer, it requires a certain brain. 

We were so excited and pumped that he passed his big exam so we decided to celebrate. I thought Peyton was going to suggest we go to a fancy expensive steakhouse or something but, he told me he really wanted Mexican food. We went to a place called The Maya. We got tacos, a quesadilla and chips and guacamole. We were in heaven and it was the perfect place to celebrate. I almost forgot for a second that we were in China...almost. 

 So proud of this smart stud! 

We also are big fans of the Chinese massage establishments. They are definitely in abundance here in Shanghai. We have found one that is really nice and clean (a definite plus in China!) about a block from our house that we really like. For both of us to get 90 minute massages, its about $40 US. We may or may not have gone two weekends in a row. After I am done being pregnant I fully intend to go have the homeopathic "cupping" procedure done. I have always wanted to try it. Its about $5 US here. I also want to try acupuncture. Theres so many things I want to do after the baby comes. Like...take an Excedrin, and eat deli meat! Wild things are coming my way. 

We enjoy double date nights with new friends at new restaurants and enjoying the scenery that is so new to us. I love living in a city. It has been so great to experience something new and exciting. Shanghai always has something going on!  

All in all, our date nights have been different, simple and fun. We have enjoyed spending time together and seeing what Shanghai has to offer. Pollution, and all. 


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