Philippine Perfection

After we left Australia we headed to Boracay island in the Philippines. We have heard that this is a popular spot for people to visit during Chinese New Year since it is a really short distance plane ride from China. Who knew?! We were excited to relax and not have an itinerary while staying on the island. 

Funny story- While doing our planning for our trip we made sure that all the airlines we were flying on would allow me to fly with them (30 weeks pregnant.) I thought I checked all the airlines, except last minute we had a change in our itinerary and we were already on our trip by the time we found out that a certain airline requires you to have a note from your baby doctor to allow you to fly. Ooopps. We most definitely did not have a Doctor note. Airplane flying day I wore a big heavy sweatshirt, and sucked my baby into my body as we were at the check-in counter. (Not as easy or as comfortable as it sounds.) We ended up getting on the flight and made it to the Philippines. I'll never forget the time that I had to pretend I wasn't pregnant while being 9 weeks away from actually giving birth. 

When looking for a place to stay, Peyton  found a hotel on Trip Advisor that got great ratings, called the "Spider House." It is a legitimate treehouse. He showed me pictures and I agreed that this would be very different and it had tons of character. Although, I did have my hesitations. For instance, our room would not have walls or ceilings. I kept asking Peyton, "but...why do they call it spider house?" Our view would be amazing, but we would have a mosquito net around our bed, and fabric curtains to give us a little privacy. We decided to go for it. I am so glad we did! The treehouse had about 13 rooms total, it had a restaurant downstairs where we ate breakfast every morning, and a ladder that literally led down to the ocean. Every day we went swimming multiple times and lounged on our balcony. It was hands down the coolest "hotel" I have ever stayed at. 


We were obsessed with our little treehouse and we rarely left. We spent our days lounging on a bamboo raft in the water, drinking banana and mango smoothies, taking naps, sunbathing, and reading. It was the greatest vacation and I never wanted to leave. 


We were also able to meet some fellow "Spider House" guests and we met one guy named Phillip who pitched the idea to Peyton for them to jump off our balcony into the water. What?! I kept reminding Peyton, "Babe, please be careful. Our baby is arriving soon." It was pretty crazy, and I am glad he got his adrenaline bug out of his system and was satisfied with only one jump. 




One night we had a steak dinner on the peak of a mountain at a nice restaurant. I haven't had steak in probably 4 months so I was very excited for this. The view was amazing and we caught sunset just in time. 

The next day we headed to a place called Puka Beach, where the sand was littered with puka shells. The water was so clear and warm. We relaxed in lounge chairs, swam, and took naps. 

 Our last full day in Boracay we hired the Spider House sail boat to take us snorkeling around the island. It was so fun to be on a sail boat. I have wanted to go sailing forever and this was the perfect opportunity. They even sent us with two experienced sail men who knew what they were doing, so we didn't die. Double bonus! 

We enjoyed taking walks on the beach to watch the sunset each night. The sunsets were the most beautiful ones I have ever seen. I looked forward to them all day.

The Philippines made such a great impression on us, and sitting here right now in China avoiding the laundry and errands I need to run makes me miss it even more. It is definitely somewhere I would go back to. 

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