The Amazing Race, Amazing baby shower!

Courtney and Holly, Peytons coworkers from Disney asked if they could throw us a baby shower. Of course we were super excited and said, yes! They included both boys and girls and it was the perfect mix of fun and creativity.

Because they know we have a love of the show the Amazing Race,  they decided to recreate it and split us up into two teams. I was the leader of one team, and Peyton the other. The details they put into the party were so fun! They even had little envelopes for us to open as we approached a new Road Block, and Detour.

Our first challenge was to come up with baby names using the letters in both our names. We only had 3 minutes to complete this task, and it got crazy! Reading the names aloud afterwards was the best. Some new baby names were brought to our attention, such as; Beyonce, Thor, and Ethyl. So glad we had a brainstorming session! That will be really helpful in picking her name.

We then played 3 rounds of Scattegories with the categories being travel and baby. I realized that I need to brush up on my baby vocabulary and references. I was terrible at this one!

Both groups had to make a list of the countries that we have visited while we have been pregnant. Both Peyton and I were excluded from this detour. Good thing, because I totally blanked and forgot that we had visited Japan while in these 9 months. Another thought: I have been pregnant a really long time. We have visited- China, Japan, Maldives, Australia, Singapore, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, and I think we counted the United States. Our friends knew us really well and did exceptional on this challenge! I was very impressed.

We then had a very difficult task of matching flags with their correct country. This was definitely a challenge! I realized that I should really recognize and study my flags when we travel more often.

We had a Road Block where we had to pick baby and travel vocab for the other team to draw and guess. We thought we were being really sneaky and creative, but the other team was really good at guessing! We had very good artists.

One of my favorite Road blocks was where we had to nominate a team member to do an eating challenge. In the show, its usually something extremely foul and repulsive. We picked our brave eaters and then found out that they had to chug baby food. The boys were good sports, and admitted that it was actually pretty tasty in the end.

We ended our amazing race adventure by playing a round of the game "Times Up". We played this game at Thanksgiving and really like it.

In the end, I am sad to report that Peytons team won. The challenges were so fun and perfect. We had a lot of fun discovering what we would be having to do next. The details of the party were also, amazing! They had Travelocity gnome cupcakes, and maps in frames, they even had fish in vases of flowers! (Thanks, Nick!) The party was so much fun and we are so thankful for all the preparation and thought that went into making it a great and creative baby shower. We have such great support here in Shanghai and we really love our little Disney Family.


  1. So no GloZell reactions to the baby food? Catherine, this is such a great post. You have great friends who have truly shown how much they care for you. That is really great. What an amazing memory you captured. I REALLY like the time capsule idea.

  2. So creative! Thanks for sharing! All best wishes!

  3. It is always so fun reading your posts. You are having AMAZING experiences.

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