Baby Shower in a Box!

Before we left the states, my sweet friends Sarah and Kristen from the La Crescenta ward decided they wanted to send me on way with a "Baby Shower in a Box." About 2 days before we left they surprised me with a box that had a baby shower in it! Sweet women in the ward bought gifts, and they compiled them into a box for me to open in Shanghai when it was closer to my due date. It was perfect timing because we included the box in with our shipping allowance so it would arrive with our other items. They also found out that we hadn't bought a pack N play yet so they purchased that for us, as well! I was so surprised by their gesture and felt so lucky to have such great friends that care about me and Baby Buhler!

Since I was only 16 weeks along when we left the states we decided to wait until closer to the due date to open it. Peyton told me that I needed to wait until I was having a "Shang-low" day so that I would feel the extra love from home. Well, that day did indeed arrive and opening the box was the perfect pick me up! I am pretty proud of myself for waiting to peek into the box until the right time. It was so tempting to not open it right away!

The box even included Thank You cards and decorations! Peyton and I enjoyed having our own private party and being able to look at all the sweet gifts. We got a lot of baby books, and I am SO excited to read them to our little girl. I always have fond memories of my Mom reading me countless books when I was little, so I hope to pass on this tradition with my kids. In the box, there was also sweet notes of advice and tips from some very amazing Mothers! I cried while reading the notes of encouragement and guidance. I will treasure this gift forever. My friends are amazing!

We ended the night with Peyton reading me "I'll Love you Forever." This was a favorite at our house when I was little. Needless to say, when Peyton started with, " A mother held her new baby..." I started bawling.  Did I mention I am crying a lot these days? I blame the pregnancy...

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