Third Trimester! Lets do this!

I have entered my third and final trimester. Time is definitely started to speed up now. I felt so great and active during the second trimester and it was so nice to be able to feel energy and less throwing up than the first. I can't believe how big my belly is getting. It seems like every day I wake up and I am looking at a new stomach. We were fortunate to go on a few vacations in my second trimester and I was really worried that I would be very uncomfortable with the pregnancy, but for the most part I was pretty comfortable, and we were able to do some sight seeing and enjoy ourselves.

I also love going shopping for this little gal. I went through a phase where Peyton would come home and say, "Okay, what'd you buy her today?" She has a good amount of clothes, so I have limited her closet spending, but its just so hard.  Little girl clothes are my weakness!

My Mom and Sister have sent some goodies for her in packages and I am always so excited to see the things that they pick out. My Mom knows my style so well, and gets the exact things I would have. She is so excited for her first granddaughter. With this last package she was so happy to report, "Cat, I bought her, her first dolly!"

I signed up for a yoga studio membership across the street from our house and I have loved doing it! It has help me relax my body and give it a good stretch. They offer prenatal classes and also beginner classes, and it has been so helpful for this pregnancy. I recommend it for anyone and everyone. I also made Peyton go with me a few times, and he enjoys it. It has been nice to be able to meditate during the class, also. It really calms me down. I think not having a car and relying on public transportation has helped me tremendously, also. I know I may complain about having to walk everywhere, but it has forced me to stay active and kept my body moving. I love feeling the baby kick. At first, it was just little love taps, but the baby is definitely doing some gymnastics in there recently. Peyton loves feeling it, as well. Now we are getting to the point where you can just stare at my belly and see her moving.

We just went to a Doctor appointment yesterday and the Doctor says that the baby is in birthing position, already! (Too much information?) She also said the baby is measuring tall! We are gonna have a tall baby! The ultrasound looks exactly like Peyton. It definitely has a Buhler profile. It will be so fun to see this baby morph and change into a little child. Peyton has been so great with me during this pregnancy. He is very considerate of what I need, and gives great foot rubs. I am so lucky to have a partner like him!

We are in the process of getting the nursery put together and I love putting her cute clothes away and getting everything organized for her arrival. I often go into her room and look at all the cute stuff that I can't wait to use when she gets here! I am 32 weeks, and it is so surreal that in 7 weeks she will be in my arms!

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