The life of a new Parent

Samantha has been in our lives for 3 weeks now. It is hard to remember what life consisted of before the nightly feedings and constant diaper duties. Its like I have been brainwashed to forget all those days of luxury naps and carrying a purse instead of a diaper bag. I love being a Mother though (even more when she's napping in my arms!) and I wouldn't change it for the world. Heres what our days consist of since becoming Dad and Mom.

Sleeping- and not enough. I really took the advice "sleep when they are sleeping" seriously. It has been my favorite activity. I just don't want her to nap alone! ;) 

Nursing and burping- No one tells you that your new occupation is going to feel like you're the local watering hole. The time in between feedings goes by so fast! I sometimes feel like she is glued to my boob for a good portion of the day. Peyton is a great burping buddy and takes over that duty with total dedication. 

Outings- We went to church for the first time and everyone was very excited to see the newest member of the congregation. We were told that we came back to church too early, but Peyton and I needed to get some social interaction with people who we didn't talk baby to all day. (yes, thats a language.) 

Pictures- and so many! As a new parent I am convinced you believe everything your little one does is the cutest thing that has ever been done. For instance, I took a picture of her really big poop blowout the other day. I really felt like a Mom at that moment. I try and send Peyton a picture of Samantha everyday so he feels more included in our happenings while at work. This was the first day he went back to work. Samantha told me what to write. She is extremely bright. 

Crying- Ohh...the crying. I would like to mention here that before having a child I had no idea how loud something so small could get. Luckily, homegirl likes her pacifier. Unluckily, she hasn't quite figured out how to keep it in the whole time and cries (okay, screams) when this happens. 

Errands - Since we don't have a car in China, I am hitting the pavement with my gal strapped to my chest. This is fine except, the Chinese are extremely curious and look down into the carrier to get a glimpse of what I am toting around. You'd think they would be disappointed with just seeing a small head, but no, this makes their day. I am happy to provide that. At least they aren't rubbing my pregnant belly anymore. 

Baths- After that gross, dried up, stinky bellybutton stump fell off we could give her a full bath. She loves it! Its funny to see her experience all these simple things. Her facial expressions are amazing. She must get that from her Dad. They also really calm her down and help her sleep so...we bathe her every night. Side note: It looks like she is trying to escape, but this was just a bad timed picture. Her leg was carefully put back into the tub immediately. (That note was mainly for Grandma). 

 Walks- Samantha really enjoys being moved around. She takes her best naps while on the move. I don't get it. Almost the minute she is in complete stillness she wakes up. Its comical because the sidewalks in Shanghai are the bumpiest pavement I have ever walked on. She does not seem to be fazed by this one bit.

Swaddling- I want to hug whoever came up with wrapping your kid up like a burrito. Samantha loves being confined and wrapped up. Peyton is the swaddle king. I still haven't mastered it. Probably because I always have Peyton do it. Why mess with perfection? 

So there you have it. The first 3 weeks of having a newborn. Isn't it fascinating? Eating, crying and pooping. Its a party up in here these days! But in all seriousness, we love being parents and we are smiling a lot more these days because of this little lady. We just can't get enough of her sweetness. 

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  1. I too wonder about swaddling - nurses have been doing it in the baby nurseries for years, but they never mentioned it when I was a young, and not-so-young mom! Glad you new moms are the beneficiaries of this wonderful concept!!

    And it's great to see how well all is going for all of you!! Honestly, the time will fly - trust me on that!