World traveler baby

We had to do the paperwork to get Samantha's passport and "birth abroad" certificate. It is a long process to get all this figured out when you are not a Chinese citizen. We had to take some papers down to the US consulate office when she was just a teeny 5 days old. We also had to go through an interview process to prove that we are from the United States. In order for us to get her a passport we had to include a passport photo that they could use. The requirements were that she had to have her eyes open and she had to be in front of a white background. Peyton would hold her in front of a white board to take her picture. This is harder than you would expect. She was so little, having her hold still with her eyes open was definitely a challenge! She was not a fan of this activity. (See below for proof). 

This is the one that we chose. She is such a cutie. It is crazy to believe that this will be the picture in her passport for the next 9 years. 

We plan on going to Thailand for the lantern festival this year, and also back home to California for Christmas so we needed her to have a passport. We also plan on maybe taking some smaller trips around China in the near future. We are so excited to travel with this little girl. It is crazy to think that we are going to go places that she will probably not remember when she is older. But that is why we take pictures, right?! :) 

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  1. Our children also had newborn photos on their first passports. It was fun trying to get them with sleepy newborns! But American passports for kids under 16 are only good for five years, so you'll have a new passport photo for her before you know it. Kids just grow and change too fast for the typical ten year passports that adults get. We just got new passports for our now 13 and 11 year olds, and it's shocking to see how different they look in their photos from just four years ago! Congrats on expanding your family!