Bathing in a fish tank with Chinese men

We decided to take a 2 hour train to Nanjing for our anniversary. We left Samantha with ayi and headed to a thermal spa resort. We really had no idea what to expect. My criteria for this trip were simple. I wanted a nap, time to read a book, sleeping in, one-on-one time with my Husband, and some relaxation. We got that...and some.

When we got to the resort we walked around to look at all the spas. There were so many! The selection included a coconut milk bath, wine bath, sauna, rice bath, salt spa, and others. You have to remember they were all written in Chinese, so half of the thermal spas we went in, we really had no idea what they were infused with. Hmph. That's kind of a scary thought.

 coconut milk bath

They look a tad murky but its really what they are "seeped" in. Like rose petals, wine, green tea, etc. 

We decided to try one treatment where you are buried in a large sand pit to "detoxify" or "heal" your body. I am 98.3% sure it was a just a gimmick, but it was fun to try. I was actually surprised by how heavy the sand was. I felt really claustrophobic so I actually only lasted 15 minutes instead of the recommended 30. After we got out you get to take a shower with some special sand exfoliant that makes your skin soft. That was nice.

After we went in a few more pools we decided to try the "turkish feet fish pool." I have done this "natural pedicure" once while in Cambodia but this time you get completely in. I was pretty nervous and a tad grossed out. I literally sat in a fish tank. The fish surprisingly just stayed only on our feet. They are supposed to be eating the dead skin off your feet, and no kidding, they really did feel smoother afterwards. We stayed in maybe 10 minutes and got out when we realized that there was quite a bit of fish poop floating about. We made some new friends in the process, as well.

Some of the spas were so incredibly hot we only lasted a few minutes in each, but afterwards we were very relaxed. When we told our friends we were going they all wanted to know if we would be naked while doing this. To everyones relief, no. We would be clothed in bathing suits. Peyton may have worn a speedo the second day. I will neither confirm nor deny.

It was relaxing, definitely unique, and fun. Most of the time when we are in China we are reminding each other that we have to have "the experience." Add this to the list!

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