Our Escape to Yellow Mountain

We decided last minute to do a weekend getaway to the "yellow mountains" (Huangshan mtns.) in China. They are located in the Anhui province. It is only an hour plane ride from Shanghai! The weather looked promising so we packed a bag and left. We had a very fun weekend and I am glad we went.

The first day we decided to get up very early and catch the bus to the mountain entrance. There was a cable car that takes you up the mountain so you can hike. We turned the corner and stopped dead in our tracks. This line. Was 3 hours long. It was the only way up the mountain!

We HAD to wait in this line. I almost died. Okay, thats a little dramatic but we braved it and I was never so excited to get into a cable car in my life. Samantha did amazing in the heat and crowds. We don't deserve her.

After we got up to the cable car we hiked a bit around the mountain. I don't use the term hike lightly. There had to have been 1 million stairs on our path. Just when we turned a corner. No. More stairs. After 2 hours my thighs were burnin and my enthusiasm had depleted. Good thing the scenery was gorgeous! We could not have picked a better weather day. We heard that clouds cover these mountains a good portion of the time, we happened to get blue skies. Hooray!

She has the right idea! 

 So. Many. Stairs. 

After a long day of the stair master we got to our hotel and passed out for a much needed sleep. The next day we woke up and went to a place that had "amazing grottos". No kidding. That was the name of the place. "Amazing Grottos." When we got there we realized that there were random carnival games everywhere. We decided to play them, because why not? It was the most random thing ever. It is so China to have something so random in the middle of nowhere. We decided to play archery and something that involves tennis balls and shot guns...or something like that. We finally got to go see the grottos. They were pretty amazing.

That night we visisted the "Old City of Huangshan". It was quaint and nice to see some of China. We were in a very rural part and there were many Chinese tourists. Of course they loved Samantha and we had to pose for about 1,000 pictures before we could go any further. After living in China with a newborn with blue eyes and blonde hair I can feel a little bit of what Celebrities deal with all the time.

That night we boarded a midnight flight and headed back to Shanghai. It was a very fun weekend.

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