China doll birthday party

Samantha turned one last month. ONE. One years old. People would tell me that when you have kids time flies ---but it REALLY does. They are a sweet cuddly newborn for all of about 10 seconds. While I do miss those days, this kid is getting such a personality and we love seeing it develop. I can't wait until she starts to talk. I can't even imagine what is going to come out of that mouth.

We decided we wanted to have a small party for Samantha's first birthday with just some close friends. At first I wasn't even going to have a party because, hello, she's one. She doesn't even know what a birthday is. But, my friends encouraged me to just do it. I don't really need any encouragement for an excuse to throw a party. I decided that it should be China themed. Duh. It was a fun way to commemorate her first birthday. Coincidently, lanterns and red decor is readily available here.

We had dumplings, cream cheese wontons, (which my Ayi explained are definitely NOT Chinese food), fortune cookies, ( not really Chinese either) egg tarts, and cupcakes.

We decided we wanted to do a cake smash and she wasn't sure about it at first but she learned what the deal was pretty quickly.

We also got to experience a Chinese first year tradition where Samantha "chooses her future." You place toys in front of the child like, an airplane (world traveler/pilot) a calculator (mathematician), microphone (singer), paintbrush (artist) etc. Samantha picked up the stethoscope. She is going to be a Doctor! Brilliant. She can take care of her Mother in her old age. Oh no, I hope she pays for medical school, herself. Work on those scholarships now, girlfriend.

Peytons Brother, Brandon, and his family had a board book made for Samantha for her Birthday with a darling story and family pictures included. She loves to look at herself and giggle. It is such a neat gift where she can see her relatives in a story. 

It was fun to celebrate with friends who are more like family all the way here in China. I love being able to experience all these little milestones. When I see how fast Samantha is growing it makes me want to take a step back and take it all in. I love being a mama to this sweet one year old.

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